Renting Scouts Clubhouse


The main demensions of our clubhouse is 11x31 meters. The building is divided into a total of 5 rooms of which 3 are available for rental.

Cubscouts room: Big room, maxium 30 persons
Scouts room: Big room, maxium 30 persons
Beaver room: small room, maximum 10 persons

Kitchen and Bathroom

Besides all of the scoutrooms the following facilities are also rented together with the property:

- One kitchen including oven, fridge and freezer,
two big electrical and four small electrical cooking plates, two kitchen sinks and a lot of working area. - Toiletgroup including three toilets and one urinal.
- One shower room
- One disabled toilet including shower


Surrounding the building we have our own terrain consisting of:

- Two big fields.
- One campfire pitt.
- Parkingspot for trailers and disabled people.
- 3 flagpoles
- Bicycle storage
- Boat house (not accessable for renters).

Rental Cost

The costs for renting our clubhouse are €4,50 per person per night. With a minimum of €90,- per night.

This price is including the usage of water, gas and electricity

The deposit for the building, inventory and keys is €150,- which will be returned to the renter when the building is transfered back to us in the same condition as when it was received (Clean and without damage).

It is assumed that the renter takes care of the removal of waste by them selves. Optionally we offer the posibility to have a local waste collector pick the waste up at our location. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Rental Contract

For every rental period a rental contract will be prepared and signed by both parties. In this rental contract we describe the rules and conditions for the usage of our building. This rental contract is available in the English language. The dutch version can be downloaden at the link below.

Floorplan Building


The clubhoudse of the Scouting Hannie Schaft Groep Almere is situated in the Bos der Onverzettelijken (Forest) in Almere. This forest can be used all kind of activities.

- On 5-10 minutes walking distance from the clubhouse a big field can be found which is suitably for activities that require more space.
- On 5 minutes walking distance we have the Leeghwaterplas which is a lake that can be used for all kinds of water activities.
- A water lock connects the Leeghwaterplas to the channels and bigger lakes of Almere.